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More Dragon Award success for youngsters.
Source : Geoff Griffiths, Monday, March 13, 2011.

Welsh Youth Medallist 1993
Three Dragon Award achievers.
Three young men from Carmarthen Judo Club were recently awarded the top honour for a judo fighter under the age of eight years.

The three who train at the Dojo (martial art training hall) in the leisure centre at Johnstown Carmarthen have been training for this award for some time. The three were Davis Hopkins, Louis Russell and William Utting.

The award is supervised by the Welsh Judo Association and takes the form of learning judo holds, throws, referee calls and other judo related matters. The three were expected to learn all these and in addition the terms etc. were in Japanese.

All three passed the examinations with flying colours and were awarded their purple belt which is the highest award presented to anyone under eight years of age.

They will now try to get the next level of awards, once their eight years of age, leading to their attempt to gain their black belts once they reach the age of sixteen years.

Louise Beard head coach at Carmarthen Judo Club said "These three individuals trained hard and learnt their syllabus to a high standard. Once they are eight years of age they will move up to the next level and will try to get their awards in the next age group.

There is a healthy amount of Judo in Carmarthen ranging from these young men starting their judo careers to others who have achieved a great deal such as British Champions, Commonwealth medals, English and Welsh medallists with some representing their country at the highest levels. We always welcome new people at whatever age - itís never too late to start!"