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Emma gold streak earns call up for The Army.
Source : Geoff Griffiths, Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

Emma Jones (left) and Gary Evans.
Emma Jones a member of Carmarthen Judo Club has recently been attending some major competitions and doing very well.

She fought at the Masters Judo Tournament held at High Wycombe fighting in the under 57KG category. Emma, a first Dan black belt, found herself up against some tough competition with a 3rd and a 5th Dan in her weight group. The fights were tough but her total determination shone through and she found herself in the final which she won. She returned to Carmarthen with the Masters Title.

The Salisbury Open Judo Tournament was a first class event with fighters from all over the country in attendance, Emma again fought in the under 57kg category. She found the pace of the fighters a severe test but she fought through and took the gold medal and the Open Title.

The next competition proved to be her most severe test to date, the Kidderminster High Grade Championships, where all competitors were black belts with a very great deal of experience. Emma proved to be a tough nut to crack showing skill and determination to bring back a bronze medal to Carmarthen.

On the back of these results she has been asked to fight for the Army team in the British Team Championships, Emma is a member of the Carmarthen Territorial Army.

Louise Beard, Carmarthen Judo Club's Senior Coach said "These competitions are a tough test for any competitor and Emma has done well. She hopes to gain further experience before attending the British Championships as part of the Army Team."

A young man from Carmarthen Judo Club recently attended a Kyu Grade Championships at Kidderminster fighting in the under 90kg category. Gary Evans recently returned to Judo after some considerable time and has proved to be a good learner. He attended the Kyu grade Championships (all belt grades except black), as a first port of call in his return to the sport. He had some tough fights and after an initial loss he fought well against some more experienced competitors. There were four fighters in his weight group and he did exceptionally well to bring back a bronze medal. Louise BEARD, Carmarthen Judo Club's Senior coach said "Gary has been out of Judo since he was a young boy and he has only recently returned to the sport, he did very well in returning with a bronze medal."