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Louis turns purple.
Source : Geoff Griffiths, Wednesday, February 6, 2008.

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Louis Perry-Williams.
Louis Perry-Williams, 8 years, has been awarded a Welsh Judo Association purple belt. He has been training in this Olympic martial art for about 12 months at Carmarthen’s only Martial Arts Centre.

The purple belt is awarded to Judo fighters, less than 8 years of age, after they have completed a long and arduous training schedule. Upon completion of the training they are entered into an examination which tests the ability of the individual to recall and demonstrate judo techniques and terminology – these are mainly in Japanese.

The award is presented to those who are successful in the examination which is overseen by a Welsh Judo Association coach specifically trained to provide these young people with the training needed. The training and examination is undertaken in the Dojo at Old Llangunnor Road, Carmarthen.

Louis completed the whole syllabus and was congratulated by all those at the Club and the Club’s senior coach Louise Beard.

He was presented with his new belt at the dojo together with a letter of congratulations and a certificate from the Welsh Judo Association to show his abilities in Judo.