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3rd Annual Carmarthen Judo Club Tournament.
Source : Geoff Griffiths, Monday, March 04, 2006.

The successful Carmarthen judo team.
Carmarthen Judo Club flag.
Well itís March and the Club Tournament is here again, although this time it's not Mothers Day and there's no Rugby International - good timing? (More by luck than judgment). The entry list for this year was the largest we've ever had, about 50 competitors, unfortunately some had to pull out due to other commitments - you missed a great day.

Prior to the competition starting we heard about one club member who had no option but to miss the day - Simon WOOD landed up in hospital for an emergency op. The day was videoed for him with everyone shouting him a get well message. See you soon Simon.

The competition started a little late but soon got into full swing with the tots opening the fighting -plenty of cheering from children and adults alike.

Then we had some snow outside and some started to wonder if a night on the mats was in the offing, fortunately (or not) it cleared and everyone was able to leave without any problems.

During the day one half of our Pinky and Perky caterers was in attendance and made £50 for Club funds by selling her wares (sandwiches, cakes, crisps etc). Thanks again Kim for all you did. The other half arrived later after visiting Simon in hospital, nice to see you Sue.

As I've mentioned elsewhere on the website there was also another mum - who shall remain nameless, her choice, - who raised £50 for Club funds. Thank you!

The competition ran for most of the day and I think everyone had a good time - results can be seen here. I would personally like to thank all of you who helped in organising and running the day, without dedicated volunteers such as yourselves the Club would not be able to keep going.

To all those who won medals congratulations and for those who were presented with attendance certificates don't forget that without you there would not have been a competition.

The Club is all about participation, fun and doing your best no matter what level of experience you are.

Lastly I would just like to thank the parents who brought their children to the competition.

We are now looking forward to the gradings and competitions to come, until next year thanks to everyone who attended and made the day a success