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Juniors making the grade.
Source : Geoff Griffiths, Saturday, April 2, 2011.

Welsh Youth Medallist 1993
Sucessful Junior graders.
At a recent examination at Carmarthen Judo Club's new dojo (training hall) in Carmarthen Liesure Centre, Johnstown, several young members attained a Welsh Judo Association grade.

Eighteen youngsters attended an examination which tested their abilities in Judo and their knowledge of the martial art - in Japanese. The grading was held at the centre by Welsh Judo Association examiners who were strict but fair with each examinee.

All were tested individually on a syllabus learnt over the past few months, ages varied from 8 to 14 years of age. All were examined and found to have learnt the syllabus to a high standard. Each of those who passed their theory and practical examination gained a Mon (a Japanese term indicating a different coloured belt or a grade between belts).

All the young people who took the examination were a credit to themselves and the Club.

Those who passed the examination on this occasion were:
Thomas CRAWLEY - 5th Mon
Anthony JENKINS - 4th Mon
Greg COTTER - 3rd Mon
Aled BEYNON - 3rd Mon
Gwion MORGAN - 3rd Mon
Luke RUSSELL - 7th Mon
Ben RUSSELL - 3rd Mon
Dafys HOPKINS 1st Mon
Indeg CRANE - 1st Mon
Sebastian SIECZYCH - 5th Mon
Georgia COVERDALE - 4th Mon
Jordan KIRKWOOD - 4th Mon
Morgan WILLIAMS - 3rd Mon
Rhys GRIFFITHS - 2nd Mon
Louise HUGHES - 1st Mon
Gareth DAVIES - 15th Mon.

They were watched and congratulated by their parents, coaches and all at Carmarthen Judo Club. Louise Beard one of the highly qualified coaches said "Each young person has made considerable effort today during this examination and they are to be congratulated. I'm sure there are others within the club who have the ability to pass these gradings and I am looking forward to the next examination held at the Club. I would just like to thank the young people and their parents for continuing to support the Club in the way that they do week in week out."